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About CityStar


CityStar was developed as the International Business Directory by CityStar® Group, Inc., a Colorado based media company. Founded in 1996, CityStar is a leader in directory and search technology. The people who created CityStar have collective decades of experience creating accurate, entertaining and informational media.

CityStar® officesCityStar is a network of 306 city directory sites. Although our ad campaigns are now running at a very low level, the network has been extensively promoted via TV, radio, print media, outdoor advertising, direct mail and on the Web. CityStar's pages have top positions in major search engines for more than 3,000 keywords. There are tens of thousands of websites listed in the International Business Directory. It's easy to add yours, too.

CityStar's administrative and support facilities are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and its servers are in Colorado Springs, Los Angeles CA and Houston TX.

CityStar Group, Inc.
2 North Cascade Ave., Suite 1100
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA