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Usually a page of this kind starts with a large picture of the company helmsman. We thought it would be better to let you know how we feel about customer service and top quality work. It's how we answer the phone and answer your questions that counts. We remember how it felt when we first attempted to launch and promote a website, and so we make sure that we always treat our customers with respect, and give them all the helpful, friendly advice and answers they require in order to make smart choices.


Artie Romero, our president, founded our company in 1994, after working for two decades in publishing, movie and TV businesses. He is the driving force behind CityStar, the International Business Directory, and, a graphics and animation site. He currently serves as President of CityStar Group, Inc.


Catherine Wickerd is our friendly CFO, very capably managing our billing department since 1999. Cathy also serves on CityStar's Board of Directors.


Bruce Hopkins is CityStar's vice president, and has served as our creative director for many years. Bruce handles some of CityStar's search engine optimization, does some of our graphics, and works with our technical crew on our systems and network.


Kevin Kearns assists CityStar with branding and marketing. Kevin specializes in "generation Y" marketing, and is on our Board.


Ricky Romero has been CityStar's designer since 2002. He helps to automate and simplify our site maintenance, and recently created CityStar's new branding and our sleek new page designs.


Tim Romero is an outstanding programmer who has helped to take our maintenance operations to a new level of quality and simplicity. Tim also serves as our video editor, and for more than two years he has produced and directed our very creative TV commercials.


Mark Tachna and David Briggs are CityStar's award-winning videographers. Today, streaming audio and video have become an integral part of online media, and these gentlemen shoot it in crystal-clear, HDTV format. Rachel Logan and Ron Hayden are our top audio production gurus.


CityStar's 170 sales associates have been trained to help us spread the word about CityStar to business owners, SEO professionals and website managers worldwide. The associates program was launched in 2009 by the very talented David Greg Taylor.


After a year of research and preparation, CityStar officially opened its doors in December of 1994. In 1996, we acquired the domain and launched our first directory. We are located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the foot of Pikes Peak, a 14,115 ft. snow-capped mountain. Our offices on the 11th floor of the Holly Sugar Building afford us spectacular views of Pikes Peak and the Rampart Range.