Video Game Exchange
"Strange, but cheap"
VGE1 - the mascot for Video Game Exchange!

Video Game Exchange has games for ALL your gaming needs! We carry Nintendo 64! We carry the Play Station! We carry movies, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, the original Nintendo, Game Boy, and EVEN ATARI! At the Video Game Exchange, we have friendly, INFORMED staff to help you!

Where else can you try a game before you buy it? Video Game Exchange, "strange but cheap."

3 Locations in Colorado Springs!

2104 E. Platte
(719) 575-0424
1138 E. Fillmore
1615 S. Nevada

Pueblo and Canon City Locations!

Pueblo, Colorado
1105 S. Prairie
(719) 560-0900
Canon City, Colorado
331-A Royal Gorge Blvd.
(719) 269-7000